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Hear My Gong


Every Wednesday, Kevin Joseph Kelly -- who plays Jimmy Sprinkles on WJW-TV 8’s morning program, That’s Life -- hosts Karaoke Gong Show at West Park Station. He even brings along his thespian buds to show ’em how it’s done. “One guy did Frank Sinatra better than Sinatra himself,” says bar owner Jason Salupo. Here’s how the contest works: A contestant takes the stage to a prerecorded tune. If an audience member doesn’t like what he hears, he bangs a gong and challenges that person to a sing-off. The audience then chooses the best vocalist. This cycle continues till one singer is left standing at the mic. In two weeks, the bar hosts a finale featuring all of the weekly winners. The victor scores a T-shirt.
Wednesdays, 2007

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