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Hear Them Roar


New York’s As Tall as Lions aim for Coldplay-style majestic rock with the moody set-pieces on their self-titled second album. Singer Daniel Nigro certainly has his part down, swooping in with lyrical deftness that crests in a grand falsetto. It’s as if Chris Martin himself blessed the songs from above. The rest of the band soars just as elegantly. The new single, “Love Love Love (Love Love),” builds to a choir-like finale that nearly justifies the title’s blah repetitiveness. But As Tall as Lions don’t want the adult-alternative throne. At their core, the Lions are an indie-rock band that just happens to enjoy dreamy, atmospheric melodies with the whirling guitars and hazy lyrics. Openers Army of Me, from Washington D.C., plays a more straightforward type of alt-rock on its debut album, Citizen. The songs are semi-aggressive, and singer Vince Scheuerman is more introspective than wistful. But the chewy pop at the center of the band’s music makes Army suitable tourmates.
Sat., June 16, 9 p.m.

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