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Heaven Sent

Indie-rockers work a vicious post-punk vibe.


Channeling the Minutemen's manic energy, Fugazi's jagged edge, and Mission of Burma's stop-start agility, Minneapolis' the Plastic Constellations celebrate 25 years of post-punk influences on their new album, Crusades. The quartet has been making music for a little more than a decade, forming when the guys were only 14. Their youthful vitality fuels the songs on this disc, which hurtles through indie-rock conventions and manages to land somewhere between nostalgia and the future. Despite their ragged appearance and sound, the Plastic Constellations emerge as one of the tightest bands of the new wave. A decade of touring under their belts and sharp, fast songs serve them well onstage, where they're even fiercer.
Mon., June 19, 9 p.m.

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