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He's On First



Before comedian Joe Starr's vaudeville-era grandfather died, he made the nine-year-old boy promise he'd go onstage one day. So when he was 13, Starr performed at his school's talent show, doing both parts of Abbott & Costello's classic "Who's on first?" gag. He was hooked. "I really didn't know that comedy could be in color," he says. "I thought comedy had to be in black and white, because I grew up on the Marx Brothers, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar — all of those guys."

Starr spends most of his time on the road these days. Occasionally, he takes time out to catch up on appointments. "I was at the doctor this week," he says. "He said, 'Joe, you should really try and be the perfect weight.' So I look behind him at the chart on the wall, and it turns out I'm the wrong height. That's the problem."
Oct. 10-11, 8 p.m.

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