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Hit the Road

Rootsy duo revs up for a musical tour of the States.


Sweet Wednesday’s Dave Falk and Lisa Housman double as tour guides on their debut CD, Wherever You Go, a musical travelogue about America. The Massachusetts duo -- who play rootsy folk-rock on guitars, mandolin, and harmonica -- bring their road trip to the Barking Spider tonight. @cal body 1:Things start off on “Pacific Shores,” before moving to “San Francisco,” where women moon-bathe on rooftops. Then it’s off to “New York City,” where the car breaks down on the Brooklyn Bridge. Sweet Wednesday finally caps the jaunt with a trip to “McDonald’s,” where Falk and Housman share a Happy Meal with a little girl and her cross-dressing doll.
Thu., March 1, 8:30 p.m.

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