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Hollywood Nights

When: Tue., Dec. 30 2014

Looking like a curvy duo right off the cover of a 1950s lesbian pulp paperback (which is foreshadowing), Naomi Watts stars opposite Laura Harring in director David Lynch’s 2001 flick Mulholland Dr.., a “love story set in the city of dreams” (a.k.a. Hollywood). Watts is Betty, an aspiring actress bunking in L.A., into whose life and career (and shower) slinks Harring, amnesiac after a highly suspect limousine crash, who has named herself after a Rita Hayworth poster. Against a backdrop of movie-studio intrigue, danger and auditions, Rita insinuates herself further into Betty’s personal and professional life. This is such a headspinner that you almost don’t want to know it started as a pilot for a Twin Peaks-esque TV series. When the network bailed, Lynch reworked the two-and-a-half-hours of exposition, multiple characters and mood-setting, and capped it conclusively with a double-axle surprise ending that works perfectly with the reality-vs-artifice-vs-avarice pervasive in film, art, ghosts and life. The film screens today at 1:30 p.m. as part of the Cleveland Museum of Art's holiday film festival dubbed The Persistence of Surrealism. Tickets are $9. (Charles Cassady Jr.)

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