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Holy Corporate Tie-In!



After years of Disney on Ice productions that pretty much placed Pixar’s most recent hit movie — from Toy Story to Finding Nemo — on skates, the latest show glides away from formula. Disney Presents Pixar’s The Incredibles in a Magic Kingdom Adventure takes Mr. Incredible and his brood from 2004’s animation smash on a vacation to Disney’s theme park. How convenient. “The characters are so identifiable that they could be recreated in a new story,” says director Patricia Vincent. “It’s a new adventure for them.”

Still, fans of the movie’s other characters — like costume-wearing, crime-fighting pal Frozone — are in luck, since many make appearances during the superhero family’s day out. And Disney mainstays Mickey, Donald, and Goofy lend a paw or four. “It’s really important to make the characters as believable as possible,” says Vincent. “We use a lot of body language.”

Given her choice of superpowers, Vincent — a Los Angeles resident who began skating in Disney productions more than 20 years ago — says she would like to be able to move coast-to-coast with just a snap of the finger. “Though I can relate to Helen being stretched in many directions,” she says, referring to Elastigirl.
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