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Jurassic Park: Ultimate Trilogy (Universal)

Steven Spielberg made the first two Jurassic Park movies around the same time he was directing two of his most personal, intense, and best films, Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan. The thrilling dinosaur epics served as escapist contrasts to the brutal real-world atrocities of his World War II dramas. (The third movie was directed by someone else and isn't very good.) All three of them make their Blu-ray debuts on this box set, which includes lots of behind-the-scenes bonuses that take all the fun out of the movie magic. Stick to the hungry raptors, which are positively pants-soilingly scary in HD.

Island of Lost Souls (Criterion)

Just in time for Halloween, one of the best monster movies ever made — about a mad scientist on an isolated island who turns people into animals — finally comes to DVD and Blu-ray. It was made in 1932, pre-code, so it's genuinely creepy. Extras include an interview with Devo, who are also kinda creepy.

The People vs. George Lucas (Lionsgate)

This documentary about a group of obsessed nerds ... er, fans who take on Star Wars' Sith lord was made before the recent Blu-rays were even announced. But there's more than enough evidence in this funny, totally geeky movie to find Lucas guilty of all his crimes, including everything to do with Jar Jar.

Tom & Jerry: The Golden Collection Volume 1 (Warner)

All of the 37 cartoons on this two-disc set are on Blu-ray for the first time. But with or without HD, they're among the best animated shorts ever made — Oscar-winning classics that shaped the history of animation, from Looney Tunes to The Simpsons — and pissed off many do-gooder groups along the way.

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