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Another Earth (Twentieth Century Fox)

Despite its mind-blowing setup — a planet that looks exactly like ours suddenly appears in the sky one day — this indie hit is more ponderous personal drama than sci-fi epic. After spending four years in prison for a drunk-driving accident that wiped out most of a family, a young woman (played by the movie's co-writer, Brit Marling) looks to the second Earth for a fresh start. She also begins a relationship with the only survivor of the crash. Another Earth's philosophical ramblings and pretentious undertones guarantee plenty of love from the art-house crowd. But others beware: The movie cuts to black just as it gets interesting.

The Art of Getting By (Twentieth Century Fox)

The kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Julia Roberts' niece star in this humorless romance about a young slacker and the cool girl who kinda likes him. You rarely see characters this broadly painted outside of movies with talking monkeys.

One Day (Universal)

The same day in July plays out over 23 years for Anne Hathaway (flaunting the worst British accent since Kevin Costner put on Robin Hood's tights) and the man we all know she was supposed to be with. Then something bad happens. The end.

Our Idiot Brother (Anchor Bay/Weinstein)

A likable cast (including Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, and Zooey Deschanel) saves this otherwise middling comedy about a total fuck-up who begins hanging out with his sisters after his girlfriend dumps him. Extras include deleted scenes.

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