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Project Nim (Lionsgate)

I was genuinely concerned about digestive problems when Curious George ate that puzzle piece. I was all for the ape revolution in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. And I don't think there's anything funnier in the world than monkeys doing things people normally do, like playing the drums or driving a tractor. I love monkeys. And this documentary about a real-life chimp who was taken from his mother when he was a baby and raised like a human in the '70s has a super-cute scene-stealer as its main subject. But it's not all poop-hurling and giggles — there's a sad, cautionary tale here about human-simian relationships.

The Rebound (Twentieth Century Fox)

Catherine Zeta-Jones falls for her neighbor (played by Justin Bartha, who was in The Hangover movies for like five minutes) in this awful romantic comedy that drains whatever life remains in old-lady-dates-younger-guy movies like this.

The Sunset Limited (HBO)

Tommy Lee Jones directs himself and Samuel L. Jackson in this spare but engrossing adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's play about two men (one's named Black, the other is White) who sit in a room for 90 minutes and talk about shit.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (New Line)

Fire up the bong! The modern-day Cheech & Chong return for their third and best adventure, this time with a holiday theme. Lots of weed and Neil Patrick Harris are along for the ride. Plus, Patton Oswalt plays a mall Santa. Pass the Cheetos, dude.


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