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Looney Tunes Super Stars (Warner)

Don't let the skimpy packaging and blah series name fool you: The 15 cartoons found on each DVD are aimed at collectors hoping to fill in gaps. The latest two entries — Foghorn Leghorn & Friends Barnyard Bigmouth and Tweety & Sylvester Feline Fwenzy — load up on classic toons from the vaults, dating back to the '40s. Fourteen of the Foghorn shorts have never been released on DVD before, but the Tweety and Sylvester ones have shown up on the excellent Golden Collection sets. These aren't for kids — a fact you'll have plenty of time to ponder as you stare at a long, unskippable screen that spells out all of the things morally wrong with the cartoons.

Cairo Time (IFC/MPI)

This film-festival fave stars Patricia Clarkson as a fortysomething fashion-mag editor waiting to hook up with her husband in Egypt for a little vaca. In the meantime, she gets cozy with his friend. It has indie-movie romance written all over it, but it's smart and pretty to look at. Knight and Day (Twentieth Century Fox) — Tom Cruise is a spy being hunted for one reason or another; Cameron Diaz is the girl who tags along. They bicker and flirt and dodge bullets. And lots of stuff blows up. It's fluff, but entertaining fluff. Extras include two viral videos featuring the stars.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Disney)

This bloated, CGI-powered movie has little in common with the classic cartoon that shares its name. Wizard Nicolas Cage and trainee Jay Baruchel team up to take down evil Alfred Molina with fireballs. Mickey's dancing broomstick was a lot more fun.

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