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Hot or Not?

Fashion contest is all about bringing sexy back.


Urban fashionistas strut the catwalk tonight as they compete in the semifinals of the Mr. and Ms. I'm Bringing Sexy Back Contest. Two finalists then square off at a final showdown next Thursday for a prize package of clothes and accessories. "This is for people who are looking their most attractive," says organizer Dakota Smart of the Angels Extreme Spokesmodeling Agency.

Gals should dress up their outfits with over-the-top accessories, like layered strands of Mardi Gras beads or '70s-style hoop earrings. "Wear them with the standard urban look of blue jeans and heels," advises Smart. "And bring a hat into play to make a bold move. The more creative, the better."

Guys should show off freshly pressed suits and polished shoes. "I like to see somebody who took the time and put together something nice," says Smart. For either sex, showing skin helps. "If you have a stomach that's worth seeing, that's always a good move," she says. "But there's no need to get naked. We're not looking for the sexiest backside."
Fri., Nov. 10, midnight

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