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Hudson On ice


There's no better time to celebrate winter than when you can see its end on the horizon. So it's only fitting for downtown Hudson's arts-and-shopping district to welcome revelers to today's First and Main Winterfest for some icy outdoor fun and a warm respite from the cold. Among the downtown businesses, Vue Restaurant & Lounge will plate up brunch, while the Nicky Nicole boutique will help kids design their own fashion dolls. You can sample sauces and spices from Heather's Heat & Flavor before trying their five-alarm Bih Jolokia chili. And every hour, sculptors will chisel and shape blocks of ice on the town square. "First and Main really embodies Hudson," says spokeswoman Gretchen Filo. "It's young, cool, and hip." The fest runs from noon to 3 this afternoon near State Routes 91 and 303 in Hudson. Admission is free. Call 330-653-9530 or visit
Sun., Feb. 10, 12-3 p.m., 2008

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