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Humphry Clinker

Among Cutting Threads (Erroneous Exegesis)



Only 175 copies of this indie-rock band's new EP were pressed, and distribution is limited to the merch table at live shows. And like last year's debut album, What's the Story With the Knife?, it's a raw and edgy listen — thanks to Guided by Voices' Todd Tobias, who engineered. Singer Becky Goede's throaty delivery borrows heavily from Debbie Harry and Karen O, instilling a rowdy energy that keeps the party from crashing. Humphry Clinker embodies Cleveland rock and roll at its best — loud, fuzzy, sweaty, and guaranteed to go down smooth with a couple of cold ones. At just four songs, Among Cutting Threads gives just a tiny taste. But it's enough to satisfy fans till the group's next album comes along.

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