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Ian Gillan

Sunday, August 27, at the House of Blues.


Belly up to the bar at Gillan's Inn, and British metal maestro Ian Gillan will pour out 30 years' worth of finely aged rock-and-roll grog. Since the '60s, the hard-rock vocalist has led Deep Purple and Black Sabbath with his high-pitched howl, even co-writing "Smoke on the Water."

On Gillan's Inn, his 2006 solo album, the English scream king revisits classic cuts from both bands (as well as lesser-known projects in the United States), reanimating old tunes with new claws, metal teeth, nefarious shrieks, and slick modern-rock remixing. Deep Purple's "Speed King" and Black Sabbath's "Trashed" are electrified with new life, reworked with guest stars like Def Leppard's Joe Elliott, Ronnie James Dio, Jeff Healey, and Joe Satriani. Alas, those giants of rock won't be on tour with Gillan, but all those overhauled tunes will be, forged anew in Gillan's fire and commanded into Cleveland by his trademark banshee scream, still full of beautiful metal anguish at the age of 61.

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