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Ian McLagan & the Bump Band

With Living Stereo. Sunday, July 1, at the Beachland.


Keyboardist for the Small Faces and later just the Faces, Ian McLagan is best known, via classic-rock radio, for his cascading Hammond B-3 line on "Stay With Me." If that's where your knowledge of the Faces begins and ends, and you think Rod Stewart sings great when he's sitting on a stool, you need to pick up Five Guys Walk Into a Bar. It's the best boxed set ever released, spanning the entirety of the Faces' monumental discography. Let's just put it this way: They rocked as hard as the Stones.

After the Faces broke up in the mid-'70s, McLagan became a sought-after session ninja, appearing on records by the Stones, Jackson Browne, Springsteen, and more recently, Billy Bragg. Eventually he settled in Austin and formed Ian McLagan & the Bump Band. A little less drunk than the Faces, the Bumps kick out plenty of Faces/Stones ya-yas -- but with the border-town influence of Doug Sahm.

McLagan is one of those rare musicians who can cover a Chuck Berry song and not sound like a wedding band. This will be a live experience that you'll hate yourself for blowing off.

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