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With Albert Hammond Jr. Saturday, February 3, at the Agora. The show is sold out.


Incubus has been around so long that the SoCal band has actually outlived its initial genre tag. If you don't remember, it was "nu metal," which was cool for a minute back when Bill Clinton was president and everybody had jobs.

Nu metal used to mean funky, Korn-spawned thrash for the kids. Somewhere along the way, though, Incubus dropped the funky and became Creed-like balladeers. The 2006 album Light Grenades brings back the funk, but applies it to an airy melodicism that oddly echoes Radiohead as well as a vague "alt-rock" feel (whatever that means in this day and age). So this music isn't for the kids anymore. It's for folks who like guitars but not metal, anger but not rage -- and a tight, shiny corporate recording. Who's that, you ask? Well, it may be worth going as a social experiment, just to see what kind of dudes are really into Incubus in 2007.

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