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Indie Jones?

Cure your art-house cravings at Madstone.


The Joaqn "El Grilo" Dance Company busts a move - at the art museum.
  • The Joaqn "El Grilo" Dance Company busts a move at the art museum.
6/5 - 6/11

What if the Secaucus Seven had met 3 years after college instead of 10? That's pretty much the question asked by Seven and a Match, one of the final two independent films screening as part of the Centrum's Film Forward series. Six college pals (plus one's new squeeze) spend a weekend at a soon-to-be-foreclosed New England house, once owned by the hostess's parents. The movie is talky and kinda pretentious, but it plays all of the usual twentysomething indie-flick games -- sex, politics, family -- with ease; three-year-old wounds are reopened, and a few new ones are revealed.

Except for Devon Gummersall's Matthew, the stranger to the group, the characters are self-centered -- none more so than The Blair Witch Project's Heather Donahue, as a bitchy fashion editor. By the time Seven winds down to its life-goes-on conclusion, you'll be glad to have spent some time with this bunch. It screens at Madstone Centrum (2781 Euclid Heights Boulevard in Cleveland Heights) at 1, 5, and 9 p.m. through June 11. Tickets are $4.50 and $7.50; call 216-321-1000. -- Michael Gallucci

Stereo's Phonics

SAT 6/7

SoCal punks Death by Stereo play loud, hard, and fast music that makes you want to break things. What else would you expect from a band that titled its debut If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die? On its latest, Into the Valley of Death, the quintet is a little more thoughtful, laying down some passion along with the hate. Death by Stereo is at Peabody's DownUnder (2083 East 21st Street) at 6 p.m. Tickets are $8 and $10; call 216-241-5555. -- Michael Gallucci

Flamenco Fever

FRI 6/5

The art museum kicks off its world music and dance series with the Joaqín "El Grilo" Dance Company, Spain's esteemed flamenco combo. They perform at 7:30 at the museum's Gartner Auditorium, 11150 East Boulevard. Tickets are $17 to $28; call 216-421-7350. -- Michael Gallucci

Electric Storms

SAT 6/7

Who to trust in the latest White Stripes-related could-be hoax? A couple of months ago, Detroit trash-rock band Electric Six's dynamite single "Danger! High Voltage" was released amid a flurry of publicity touting Jack White's backing vocals. These days, however, the band and White both deny the rumors, claiming that the vocals in question were supplied by a Cleveland fan. But . . . White and Electric Six (left) are pals, White has pulled this kinda stunt before (remember that whole "We're siblings" thing, with ex-wife Meg?), and whoever is singing does sound a lot like White. Expect good music, but no end to the rumors, when the Electric Six plays the Beachland Ballroom (15711 Waterloo Road) at 9:30 tonight. Tickets are $8; call 216-383-1124. -- Michael Gallucci

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