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Infinite Number of Sounds

Radio Whales (Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company)


Featuring former Racermason drummer Ron Tucker and spoken-word artist J. Scott Franklin, Infinite Number of Sounds is a perennial nominee for Best Alternative/Electronic act at Scene's Cleveland Music Awards. And for a largely instrumental group with an experimental bent, the group rocks hard and never strays too far from a hook.

Behind their wall of art rock, they might be closet metalheads. "Washington Monument" would fit in your favorite stoner band's set list. "The Red Human-Headed Bull" slides down a deep groove, from guitar arabesques to frantic metal fretwork. The album ends with a string of performance-art suites. The group's live shows are intricately edited multimedia presentations that synchronize with the music. Stripped of that visual presentation, Infinite Number's music is just as evocative.

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