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Insane Clown Posse

Tempest Pre-release Party, with Boondox, Wolfpac, and Dead by Wednesday. Monday, February 26, at the Agora.


Of course, you remember when colorful pro wrestlers like Koko B-Ware and the Honky Tonk Man invaded our homes every Saturday morning, ingraining their lame catch-phrases into our brains? Well, the relative safety of old-school WWF is conspicuously absent from Juggalo Championship Wrestling, an über-violent wrestling league founded by none other than the Insane Clown Posse. In fact, JCW star Mad Man Pondo would carve those WWF pansies up and spit Faygo into their wounds. Speaking of which, Pondo has amassed an impressive collection of scars while getting tossed through windowpanes, thrown into boxes of mousetraps, and just plain tortured. The pain is almost too much for the lack of fame. "Some days it's hard, other days there's no difference," he says. "I just keep going till I can't go no more."

Leaving his home in West Virginia, Pondo, along with other JCW freaks, will be doing his thing as part of the ICP's pre-release tour for their latest disc, Tempest. And Pondo is proud to be a part of the twisted carnival. "The Juggalos are family, and family protects their own," he explains. But all families have issues. "It's my character to make fun of the fans and ICP. So I expect a rain of soda and coins every night before I wrestle."

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