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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Dancer!

A superhero busts a move on downtown streets.


Don't be surprised today if you see a 5-foot-9 brunette tap-dancing around town dressed like a Justice League cast-off. That's just Amy Compton in her alter ego as "Fahrenheit," a high-stepping superhero who appears at a lunchtime Street Beats performance. "I'm obsessed with making a superhero dance," she says. "Wonder Woman made a big impression on me when I was younger. She was like a dancer. She saved everybody, and she was strong."

Compton performs today with longtime partner Joe Booth in her third year as a Street Beats fixture. Because of the setting, she returns every summer. "I love dancing outside," she says. "Whenever I'm walking downtown, I want to start leaping, turning, and spinning. I know that's not socially acceptable, and I have to hold it in." Lunchtime onlookers usually make room for Compton to whirl and twirl on the sidewalk. However, some spectators — evildoers, no doubt — turn and run the other way. "People get really uncomfortable," she says. "I think dance is taboo to some people. They see someone being so free with their body. I just wish everybody would dance with me."
Fri., July 28, 12-2 p.m.

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