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It's a Date

The night's such a bargain, you won't even have to mention the word dutch.


At a recent Date Night (or Just Bring a Good Friend), Bob Shope and Pam Darnell cuddled at a corner table at Corks over a bottle of chardonnay and a pepperoni pizza. The cozy scene has become a familiar one on Tuesdays ever since the Willoughby bar launched its $20 wine-and-appetizer deal last month. The vino ranges from Spanish reds -- like garnacha and Luzon jumilla -- to German Rieslings and American white zinfandels. The appetizers include sun-dried tomato tapenades, four-cheese pizzas, and olives stuffed with rice, dill, and mint. For Shope and Darnell, the special settled a Super Bowl wager. “She went for the Colts, I went for the Bears,” says Shope, referring to Indianapolis’ victory over Chicago in February. “Look who’s buying.”
Tuesdays, 4 p.m.-midnight, 2007

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