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It's All Relative


Stand up comedian Bil Benden finds much of his material in his family life. So, don't expect "a lot of dark, edgy shit," he says. "I can't go, ‘Hey, I'm a dad, and here's my kid. And by the way, here's a child-molesting joke.'" Benden also finds inspiration in TV biographies. He recently watched one on Albert Einstein, who began to fool around on his longtime wife after his relativity theory made him famous. "If Albert Einstein can't out-think his dick, what chance does any normal guy have?" Benden says. Laugh it up at the Improv (5000 Sycamore Street) at 8 tonight. Tickets are $10; call 216-696-4677. — By P.F. Wilson
Wed., Sept. 13, 8 p.m.

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