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Jägermeister Music Tour

With Type O Negative. Thursday, July 3, at House of Blues.



Props to the fine folks at Jägermeister — for both their 56-herb wonder potion/cure-all and not so quietly maintaining the most consistent metal tour of its kind (alumni include Slipknot, the Cult, and Chimaira). The latest Jägerbomb features Wednesday 13, Soil, and headliners Type O Negative, who play severe Halloween rock with intensity. The Drab Four — as Type O fans refer to them — released their seventh album, Dead Again, last year. The Brooklyn goth-metal rockers are always good for a dose of droll black humor, openmouthed anathema, and apocalyptic dirge. Dead Again bursts with religious parables and boasts various metallic blasts — from all-out thrash in the title track to the bluesy "An Ode to Locksmiths" to the chugging "Profits of Doom."

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