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Jaymay and Fink

Friday, June 13, at the B-Side Liquor Lounge, Cleveland Heights.



New York singer-songwriter Jaymay digs deep into genre patriarch Bob Dylan's wordy narratives on her debut album, Autumn Fallin'. She's already won over late-night talk-show hosts Conan O'Brien and Craig Ferguson with her sharp, tuneful songs about a particularly depressing relationship (three of Autumn Fallin's songs have blue in their titles). Hipsters like to drop her into the anti-folk box, but Jaymay (real name: Jamie Seerman) isn't nearly as bitter, ironic, or intolerable as most '00s folkies. In fact, she comes off a little like Feist — sweet, melodic, and full of really good songs. Tourmate Fink is a British singer-songwriter who mines similar territory on his latest album, Distance and Time. Maybe these two unlucky-in-love songwriters should hook up.

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