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A Frenetic Menace (Soundesign/Banana Seat Girl)



Featuring Roué's Justin Coulter, Jerk's A Frenetic Menace sounds like every appliance and electronic gadget in Best Buy malfunctioning simultaneously. The thing is just impenetrable -- even by noise-rock standards. If the experimental-hardcore quartet was trying to make Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music sound like Pet Sounds, it may have succeeded. And if another one of its goals was to make a 33-minute album seem like an eternity, that mission was an even bigger success.

These 10 tracks alternate between lightning-fast punk "songs" -- which are buried underneath garbled vocals, processed guitars, and other abrasions -- and pure atonal chaos (see "Kool Shadez"). It's impossible to tell whether traditional or electronic instruments are at play, and while the quartet emits some decent white noise, nobody other than the three cool people in Tremont pretending to "get it" will sit through this tedium.


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