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Joey Beltram and members of Goodmorning Valentine

9 p.m. every other Thursday, beginning January 12 at the Northside, 111 N. Main St., Akron, 330-434-7625. No cover.


Singer Joey Beltram solidified his reputation as one of Northeast Ohio's better songwriters on Goodmorning Valentine's sophomore album, Steady Your Hands. Drifting away from Jackson Browne-style lovelorn musing, the Valentines' latest is lazy-days Americana, like the delicate pop put forth by the Dreadful Yawns and Belle and Sebastian. And a shake-your-thing indie-rock beat all but shatters the lull-you-to-sleep xylophones that usher in "Last Year." So if you haven't already, put them on your bands to watch for this year.

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