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John Selway

With Cathryn Sunday. Saturday, June 29, at Touch Supper Club.


Apparently at some point during the late '80s, God decided that the techno scene was a little too easy to navigate, so He gathered all the DJs and studio freaks together and said something like "Why don't you all start your own record labels? You know, shake it up a little."

The motivational speech worked, because thousands of DJs and producers around the world, including New York native John Selway, have become indie label heads over the last 15 years. In fact, Selway has had a hand in founding three different labels -- Serotonin, CSM, and Memory Boy. And if that weren't confusing enough, he has gone a step further, adopting a different production moniker every third time he finishes recording a tune.

Okay, so maybe we're exaggerating a bit, but the man has put out tracks under at least 15 or 20 aliases, working both solo and with such luminaries as Deep Dish, BT, Carl Cox, and his most frequent partner in crime, Swedish techno don Christian Smith.

Selway's burgeoning stable of musical outlets and aliases is actually fairly sensible, considering all the different styles of music he produces. Although most of Selway's success has come from the pounding, techno-trance hybrid tracks that he and Smith produce for Tronic Recordings, he's equally adept at creating epic trance, deep house, electro, and retro/new-wave "italo-disco" tracks. His versatility can make it tough for outsiders to pin him down, but it should result in a wild ride when he spins at Touch this Saturday, moving from groovy techno to funky electro and right back to classic acid house in one energetic set.

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