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Josh Wink

Profound Sounds v2 (Ovum/System Recordings)


With Profound Sounds v2, Philadelphia-based DJ-producer Josh Wink marks a rare achievement in mix CDs. He chose 16 selections from artists such as David Alvarado, Swayzak, and Dave Clarke, and then created a special, exclusive edit of each song on his computer, adding bits of original production and rearranging the sounds to his liking. The new edits were then mixed together using Final Scratch, a software program that provides a digital interface for MP3s to be played through turntables via a computer.

This, of course, may be of little interest to non-audiophiles, so it's fortunate that Wink provides enough lively and smooth moments here to capture the attention of more casual listeners. Highlights include the dark keys of Mindlab's "Lick," the tense bass line and minor-chord electro-funk that compose Frankie Bones's "E Series 2," and the rubbery vocals swirling around Wink's own trippy "Superfreak (Freak) (Blakkat Remix)." But are these sounds really profound? Some have the potential to be so, under certain pharmacological conditions (though Wink himself is patently against the use of mind-altering substances). With one's unassisted brain, then, these sounds are merely groovy beats to make you move on the dance floor, providing little insight into the grander scheme of life.

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