When: Fri., Jan. 26 2018

Stray cats have lived in Istanbul for thousands of years, nearly as long as the city has been standing. The new documentary Kedi offers a gallery-style view of the cats inhabiting Istanbul while citizens offer their thoughts and feelings about the animals in their respective communities. The film shows how the cats live on a day-to-day basis and posits that, despite their feral nature, essentially they have become citizens of Istanbul. Without a character-driven plot, Kedi is more like an observational nature documentary than a standard narrative documentary. The film is at its best when it allows the audience to focus on a particular cat for a length of time, like the hardened fish thief called Psychopath or the rough-and-tumble cafe cat named Carefree. Allowing the personalities of the cats to shine pushes the film into more than just animal photography. It shows at 7 tonight at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Tickets are $10, or $7 for CMA members. (Johnny Cook)

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