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Kirkendahl Voyd

Stung (


Kirkendahl Voyd describes its new album as "Salt-N-Pepa meets Link Wray and Prodigy." That description sounds awful, but trust me: It doesn't begin to prepare you.

Having garnered radio play on Dr. Demento and The Hour of Slack, the Cleveland trio knows its freak-out music. Unfortunately, with cheesy techno, excessive rock guitar, aimless genre-hopping, and stupid samples, Stung constitutes the kind of freak-out music reserved for aficionados of the brown acid.

The band's so whacked, its cover of Tchaikovsky's "Arabian Dance" is actually a note-for-note rip-off of Prodigy's "Diesel Power" sans Kool Keith's rhymes. The only rapping on Stung is of the nursery rhyme and rap-rock varieties: "Go Go Ga Ga" and "Sadistic Babysitta," respectively.

The band's best moments are when its female vocalists take over --"Novacain Kiss," for example. But then it's back to drivel that would serve as the perfect interrogation tool for torturers at Guantanamo.

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