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With Combichrist. Sunday, October 8, at the House of Blues.


Whip-smart political irony layered on über-heavy doses of synth-beat is what this German "Juke-Joint Jezebel" does best. The mainstream crossover of KMFDM's techno-dance, metal, and industrial was probably inevitable; just the same, most fans are grateful to see the group's poppy "golden age" in the rear view. On this tour, there's plenty for Sascha Konietzko and company to celebrate, ranging from more than 20 years' worth of music to the fiery new EP, Ruck Zuck, or "Right Now."

A spry 40 minutes, Ruck suggests that KMFDM still loves a melee: It includes sharp remixes from 2005's terrific Hau Ruck ("Heave Ho"), spoken word (with a decidedly negative tone toward U.S. policy), and a previously unreleased cover of DAF's classic "Der Mussolini," better than any version of "Feuer Frei." A live reading of that song alone should prove to Rammstein just who is whose bitch.

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