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Knife Crazy

With State of Ohio and Crush Kill Destroy. Friday, October 6, at the Church in Tremont.


The Buffalo trio Knife Crazy combines the cacophonous screech of Sonic Youth's guitars with the herky-jerky rhythms of D.C. post-punk. Knife Crazy's debut, Delicious Delicious Science, even finds room for understated, atmospheric pop ("Hitting It Big on the '801s"). But the band's specialty is jagged, serpentine excursions driven by dry wit, best realized in the antiwork ode "Dress Code Fury."

Knife Crazy's live show is louder and more chaotic than its record. Guitarist Phillip Freedenberg rockets furiously about the stage like a balloon with a hole in it, spewing colorful shards of guitar like a Spirograph. The band's intensity is almost intimidating, leavened only by its boisterous enthusiasm on cuts such as the epic "Your Shampoo Smells Like the Director's Cut of Cocoon (Stick Your Hand in the Fang Zone)," which proves as strange and convoluted as its title.

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