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Kumar Sanu and Alga Yagnik

Friday, July 27 at the Allen Theatre.


Indian singer Kumar Sanu began his career as a backing musician, but when he was pushed into singing during a concert in 1979, he realized that people dug his voice. He hasn't looked back since.

These days his voice is heard in an uncountable number of Bollywood movies, because actors there routinely lip-synch. He's so busy, in fact, that he holds an unofficial record for cutting 28 songs in a single recording session (take that, Axl Rose).

Equally popular back home, Alga Yagnik was first noticed stateside in the song "Hindi Sad Diamonds" from the soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge. But her career spans decades. A crowd favorite during her shows is "Maahi Ve," a tune featured in 2003's Kal Ho Naa Ho, a Bollywood flick filmed in New York.

Expect lots of visuals, including intricate choreography. Sanu busts Elvis-like moves that often inspire his fans to dance along with him. You might not understand what the music is about, but you will certainly be entertained.

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