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Who's the most shagworthy local musician?

"Alex and/or Damien from Red Giant have rockin' bods that hypnotize while their music mesmerizes. Always a pleasure to watch them rock out."
-- Violet Heirr, Brooklyn, Ohio

"Anne E. DeChant is hot, hot, hot."
-- Randy, Leavittsburgh, Ohio

"Us, of course! Do we have to play instruments?"
-- Matt Wardlaw and Chris Akin, The Metal Show, WXTM-FM 92.3, Cleveland

"What does 'shag' mean?"
-- Brother Ant and Brother Ed, Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival, Cleveland

"Help! Social-justice alert! Anti-robot discrimination! Everyone knows that the karaoke machines kick human ass in the seduction arena."
-- MetalBastard, a robot, Cleveland

Question of the week: What defunct local band would you most like to see get back together?

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