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What's the most underrated local band?

"I ain't even in Ohio, and I can tell you that Hatecore Inc. isn't just one of the most underrated bands in your scene, it's one of the most brutal bands, period. People are jaded about what real hardcore/metal is supposed to sound like, due to all the jazz musicians turned metalheads, but gimme a break. Hatecore Inc. is serious shite." -- Snotty T., bassist for Dead Man's Hand, New York City

"Vegas. They're amazing onstage and off -- the realest band I've seen." -- Sebrina J., Akron

"Seven. Mike Accord is a great singer and has put together the most creative stage show in town. In fact, their show is better than many big-name acts." -- Kathryn S., Something for Everyone Entertainment, Berea

"Chris Nekvinda is an amazing local singer-songwriter, way underrated." -- Mark B., drummer for Emmet, Lyndhurst

"Broke by Monday. They just don't care." -- Chris P., Cleveland

Question of the Week: What local record store is the best place to score hard-to-find CDs?

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