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What's your favorite local CD of 2005?

"The Slack-Jawed Yokels' '05 demo. Just think how much heat it'd be generating if they had been able to gig before November!" -- Phillie N., Cleveland

"Ventana's demo. It's amazing. No topping this new industrial band." -- Matt X., Mentor

"Filament 38's Unstable!" -- Tür M., Cleveland

"Midnight's Complete and Total F@#cking Midnight is as essential as beer and leather. Total old-school '80s metal that growls and snorts like an underfed Grizzly. Midnight may be a one-man band, but it sounds like it took 10 angry longhairs to make this racket." -- Martin R., Lakewood

Question of the Week:
What local band improved the most this year?

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