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What venue treats local bands the best?


"I've played over 30 venues in three states, and Ronda from the R/E Nightclub flat-out rules!"
-- Kris D., guitar, Hatecore Inc., Akron

"At Verlie's, [the band] can let it rip and let it all out, and the locals will really dig you. They treat you like rock stars -- well, maybe with their beer goggles on!"
-- Domonic R., guitar, Cardona, Cleveland

"I would say the Beachland or the Grog Shop. These places are great, and they make having a band worth the effort. They don't need three stages and 20 opening acts all selling pre-sale tix, just to pay some washed-up headliner."
-- C.J.G., guitar, Subtones, Cleveland

"Gotta give kudos to local rock star and all-around good guy Billy Morris, the world's coolest bartender, Lisa, and all of the folks at the Hi-Fi Club. It's always good to work with them, and if you're looking for something to do on a Wednesday night, Heavy Metal Karaoke is still the place to be!"
-- Matt D. and Chris A., hosts, The Metal Show, Cleveland

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