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Last Word

What's your favorite place to catch a show locally?

"The Lime Spider and the Beachland Tavern (where else can you stand behind the band?)." -- Phillie N., Granger

"I really like Peabody's. The size is large enough to really meet people you know. Also, it has the Rockstar and Pirate's Cove, which at times also has bands playing. So what else can you ask for!" -- Domonic R., Eastlake

"The Hi-Fi -- they have really good drinks. Peabody's has great sound, but the stage lights suck, and they don't serve any good drinks." -- Chris O., Akron

"The Grog Shop, hands down. They really did a great job of making that bar kick ass. The bartenders rock, and it's a comfortable venue. Plus, it has pinball." -- Violet H., Lakewood

Question of the week: What do you think about the Odeon closing? Big loss, or good riddance?

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