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What do you listen to in the morning?


"I first stick in a Cardona CD to wake me up! Than I'll swap back and forth from Rover to WMMS. I enjoy both stations, because you can get different outlooks or perspectives on issues, morals, hot topics, ticket giveaways, and radio call-ins. If the shows both stink, I will force myself to listen to Diamond Dave and hold my nose until the commercials are over on the other stations." -- Domonic R., guitarist, Cardona

"I listen to Howard Stern on Sirius and post on the Stern fan network. Never a dull morning!" -- Metal Bastard, a robot, Cleveland

"I get up to Parr in the morning. It's hilarious. He's way funnier than Stern's played-out 'Oh honey, what I'd do to you' routine. And he gives props to C-town regularly." -- Reggie Domino, East Side tour guide

"I listen to 88.9, the Alter-nation. They play good music and give local bands airplay, something most radio stations won't do." -- Valerie S., Akron

Question of the week: What local commercial radio station should have what local band(s) in regular rotation?

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