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Where do you learn about new music?

"I learn about a lot of new music from music blogs -- Gorilla vs. Bear, My Old Kentucky Blog, One Louder, and You Ain't No Picasso. You'll usually get mp3s from new bands every day, and it's real people, not critics, writing about the music they love." -- Bill L.,

"From friends, or by seeing them play live with other bands that I like." -- Phillie N., Granger

"I hear about new music from Scene, MySpace, and Revolver magazine. I can't honestly think of any other resources out there that are worth a shit. Ever since I found out about MySpace, I've found so many bands out there. Not just local, but bands all over the world that nobody knows about." -- T. Bibbs, North Royalton

"Most of the local college stations have great programs, e.g., 88.7's Green Dragon program. But often I find out about new music by word of mouth, reviews in AMP magazine, or checking out the roster on some of my favorite indie labels." -- Christopher Marinin, Who Killed Marilyn?

Question of the Week:

Where do you go before or after a show? Why?


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