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Where do you go before or after a show?

"If I'm hungry, I'll go out to eat with friends at a 24-hour restaurant like My Friends, Vienna, or Denny's."

-- Jennifer A.,

"Wherever the cocktails are free, the dudes are solid. My personal favorites go to Moe's, the Jigsaw, Tramp, King-Palace, or the Garage."

-- Pants Pantsley, Cleveland

"After the show, it's time to wind down with a few cocktails with some of our fans. I usually head to Frank's Place or Larry's Main Entrance after the shows, both in Akron."

-- Sean M., Clever Dan

"The scene of all scenes is at the little old Phoenix Coffeehouse in Lakewood. Delicious coffee and soup and pastries, and lotsa independent thinking. On the cheap booze tip, nothing beats Two-Dollar Tuesday at O'Donnell's in Lakewood."

-- Mike J., Smiley Baldazar

Question of the week:

What’s the lineup for your dream band of local all-stars?

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