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What's the definitive Cleveland hip-hop album?

"The best Cleveland album doesn't exist. But if it did, it would be a mixtape with all the Cleveland classics dating from Bone Thugs in the '90s all the way up to current joints from Ray Cash and Fat Al. Mix it in with the best of Cleveland's underground scene, and you'd have a winner."

-- Mick Boogie, DJ, Cleveland

"Definitely Bone's E 1999 Eternal. That set the standard that all Cleveland artists were judged by."

-- Siege, MC, Edotkom

"I am biased, but I'd say Honeypot's Homebody. Best hip-hop album out of Northeast Ohio, unless you're counting Bone Thugs, and even then, it's better."

-- Joe Minadeo, producer, Homebody, Cleveland

"Creepin on Ah Come Up, from Bones. Every song is good."

-- Johnny Givens, MC, Cleveland

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