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Budding comic doesn't forget his lines anymore.


Lee Honeycutt learned the hard way that it's not a good idea to piss off club owners if you want to score points at a comedy competition. The 27-year-old Grafton native entered his first yukfest (at Hilarities in Cuyahoga Falls) last year. "I waited for people to laugh," he recalls. "As soon as somebody did, I got so excited that I forgot what I was talking about. The owner was mad that I froze, and he told me to get off the stage."

Since then, Honeycutt has expanded his attention span to win Bassa Vita's So You Think You're Funny comedy battle in March. He was also nominated last fall as one of Cleveland's "cleanest comedians" at the annual Grimey Ninety Comedy Awards. "I'm not against other comedians swearing," he says. "But I'm not going to tell dick jokes, because I can't write material like that." Instead, he cracks on pop culture, riffing on Hollywood blockbusters like Jaws, where "the shark ate everything except the cameraman." Honeycutt admits that "they're really stupid jokes. It's not smart comedy, just goofy. And sometimes people laugh."
Sat., June 10, 7 p.m.

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