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Layne Garrett, with Mike Tamburo, Eric Carbonara, and Ryann Guitar Anderson

Thursday, April 5, at Bela Dubby (13321 Madison Avenue).


Similar to their patron saint, John Fahey, a fat slice of this generation's underground guitarists takes half its cues from 20th-century classical (minimalism and electro-acoustic improvisation in particular), while the other half is taken from the folk styles of North Africa, India, and the Mississippi Delta. Many of these dudes discovered Fahey while serving time in indie-rock bands, and the common ground of these seemingly disparate worlds is a penchant for pensive, trance-like vibes -- an unnerving stillness that can cause the tiniest change in texture to explode across your perceptual field.

Layne Garrett augments his improvisations with found objects and field recordings. Mike Tamburo, meanwhile, has spent the last few years on a never-ending series of tours, documenting his live performances like an obsessive diarist. Eric Carbonara uses his Nada Sound Studio in Philadelphia as though it were his instrument, submerging his axe in rich soundscapes. And last but not least, Ryann Guitar Anderson is one of Cleveland's own and has the most traditional technique among the four soloists. His estimable chops for roots and jazz will provide a needed balance for the evening's wilder excursions.

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