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The C-Land Freestylers Roller Skating Club plans to bring its A-game to today's Roller Skating Jam. Club members will dazzle their counterparts from Detroit, Chicago, and Louisville with back turns and 360-degree aerial spins. "Cartwheels, flips, and fancy footwork — with all that skating, you can smell the smoke," says club member Roxann Jackson. The Freestylers formed a year ago as part of a nationwide network of amateur skaters. While they often crisscross the Midwest for competitions, today's meet-and-greet is to help the clubs get to know each other. "It's a mind-relaxer," says club president Christine Brown. "Skating takes you away from your everyday life. It puts you in a whole other world."
Sat., June 17, 2 p.m.-3 a.m.

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