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Letters: On Charles Ramsey Says He's Broke and Homeless


Has he applied at McDonald's?

— Hamwallet

Sounds like he needs financial education 101.

—Tim Johnson

Yeah, he should have consulted a financial adviser. This news went national. There is no reason he should be broke AND homeless. What happen to sales of that Dead Give Away song? "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife" sold over 1.5m?

— MrAl_P

What a dumb article. Pulling quotes out of context can make anyone sound stupid. I'm surprised with his acclaim he only received $50K... actually pretty disappointing, considering he had become a national hero (while simultaneously mocked by much the national community, among the ranks of which includes Vince Grzegorek). For his efforts, he deserves to have some extra money and he deserves to be able to spend it without more people laughing at him. Reflects poorly on the country, not Charles Ramsey.

— MrSmith

Mr. Smith states that Mr. Ramsey "deserves" some extra money and "deserves" to be able to spend it. He is not entitled to any money. As a member of society, it should be required by all, to do what he did without any money given or expected to be given. We should be expected to help each other without any expectations. Any money collected should be given to the victims.

— Dbnmh

When I first saw Charles Ramsey on the news, I just had a feeling that he would be back in the spotlight very soon, but in a negative light. I have to agree with the comment above that the article makes him sound like an idiot. But that's what our media does—it seems entitled to give you news with just enough (or in this case, too much) commentary or editing to create the response they want to create. But, you cannot blame Ramsey. I hate it when people of privilege scoff at those who aren't after they come into money and blow through it. The comment about "financial education 101" sums it up. Education, finance, and money management was, I'm sure, a part of your world. And, I'm fairly certain, it was not a part of this man's. So why do we blame people for not being aware of things they've never known?

— Steven Howell

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