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Letters: On The Merle of Free Sandwiches; How Mayor Gorden and His City Council Pals Created the Worst Suburb in Northeast Ohio


There are so many things wrong with your article, it pains me to even read it. So why again is Beachwood the worst suburb in America? Your title and the first three paragraphs are an appalling mockery of the community. Sam Allard, have you even traveled outside of Ohio? Your naive negative remarks certainly suggest an unworldly view, a poor understanding for anything outside of what your accustomed too.

First, I'm not from Beachwood but from Cleveland Heights, which is about 5 minutes away. Being from Cleveland Heights, there is a lot to complain about in loss of city services but I'm not going to complain here, as it's the wrong forum. I'm sure we would love to have heated sidewalks here too but since I'm not a jealous person I'm not going to ridicule a proposal of a neighboring suburb, a proposal which would only enhance there community. Mind you a community that is mainly comprised of middle aged and elderly folks who would greatly benefit from such a proposal. Wouldn't it be nice to gracefully and continuously walk down a clear sidewalk in the winter without having to worry about unplowed or icy patches? Or would it be better to just loose the tax revenue and have everyone move to palm beach or wherever is more convenient. If people still want to see snow, Montreal has heated sidewalks, maybe they could move there. Where are your facts about the mayor? You seem to have none. The only thing I'll agree with in your article is the bad business decision to buy Commerce Park, which should definitely be used for economic development in the future. For the record I have no affiliation with the mayor or the city of Beachwood, I just find your article absurd on many levels.

— Thelostcity

@thelostcity,Again we find a newly created account from a person "who does not live in Beachwood" taking the time to write a four paragraph manifesto in support of Merle. Honestly, for $140/hr you would think you would be less obvious. How many hours are you going to charge Merle for this in your July invoice to the City of Beachwood. As for your question "Where are your facts about the mayor?" all you have to do is look at the articles on this subject and you can review all of the documents produced by the city itself via public records requests.

— Fsnuffer

I'll pay attention when there's sex.

— Melj69

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