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Letters published June 18, 2008


"Grand Theft Auto Tremont," May 28

Tremont Turmoil
Does Scene have an anti-Tremont agenda? Why single out Tremont? It was disappointing to see Scene run an article that had no real facts and really just anecdotal evidence. Why didn't you include stories/stats on the rest of Cleveland's neighborhoods? And the suburbs? Where is the actual reporting?

It's ironic that you ran a review of the Tremont Tap House in the same issue. Come to Tremont to eat. But, based on a few stories you chose to relay, let's scare people away from Tremont.

I spoke to Chris, the owner of the Tap House, about the article. He lives in West Park, and his car was stolen right out of his driveway — and he is surrounded by cops and firefighters.

Don't sensationalize for the sake of trying to get a few more readers. I'm not saying ignore a story, but this certainly seems like you decided to unfairly single out one area and create a story out of very little. Tremont is one of area of Cleveland that we can be proud of. Don't try to destroy that by scaring people away for no real reason.

Brad Hauber

Business owner claims Tremont's safer than suburbs: I am writing in response to "Grand Theft Auto: Tremont," in which I was quoted. Typically, I'm limited to observing the conditions of a bicycle in front of me and having to find a solution for repair. If I simply created the bikes in my imagination, then I could repair them any way I wanted, ignoring the facts, similar to the way you fabricated the story of a car-theft epidemic in Tremont.

In Shaker, my store was broken into every year for 20 years. I was assaulted twice, and my mother was assaulted and robbed. Since I've relocated to Tremont, not a serious incident has occurred at my business, or to my tenants or customers. It is so safe in comparison to the dangerous suburbs.

Allison was not searching high and low for her car, but spotted it on her way home from work. It had less to do with diligent detective work due to our "haphazard" cops and more to do with chance and Allison's good luck. Personally, I think the Cleveland Police are doing a fine job.

Despite the imaginative cover illustration and your description of the Tremont car thieves as being black, it is my secondhand experience that the car thieves in Tremont are white kids. In the current politically correct climate, it is refreshing to read your openly racist perspective.

I understand that with the demise of Weekly World News, there is a void in the tabloid marketplace, but please don't try to fill it.

Mitch Paul, Shaker Cycle

Resident urges support of a Tremont-promoting press: Your article paints a very ghetto picture of Tremont, which is inaccurate. I have lived here for six years, and it is a very safe area. The residents here are not against having a good blend of cultural backgrounds (i.e., the projects). Also, your untruths about the poor response time of the Cleveland Police Department were unwarranted and untrue.

People considering coming here to live or for our restaurants will now reconsider because of the twisted information you provided. I expect that after I speak with every Tremont business owner regarding this article, they will be spending their future advertising dollars with publications that help Tremont prosper.

Jeffrey L. Elliott

Law & Order — Special Tremont Unit: I live on the border of Shaker Heights and Beachwood, and find their police departments to be ever present. After being in a car wreck and having a hit-and-run on my car, the police responded both times in under five minutes. I constantly see patrol cars on the street.

This protection comes from residents willing and able to pay higher taxes that fund the better-staffed police department, which in turn attracts people to live here, who in turn pay the taxes. This is one of the main reasons I choose not to live in Cleveland. Taxes are the same for me, but city services are greater in the suburbs.

Could neighborhoods such as Tremont, Ohio City, Little Italy, and Shaker Square incorporate their own local police departments, funded by special levies imposed in their neighborhood? The University of Akron has its own police department, and thus has much better coverage than the rest of the city.

Jeff B

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