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Letters published February 21, 2007

May the Force Be With Him
The Dem-pire strikes back: Perhaps Pete Kotz should spend more time editing Scene than writing embarrassingly unfunny pieces about Dennis Kucinich ["$6 Million Chihuahua," February 7].

Kucinich has been reelected five times, and his consistently intelligent standards reflect the recent Democratic electoral win and Bush's all-time-low poll ratings.

Scene, on the other hand, seems to be deteriorating fast, if this attempt at cleverness is any indication.

Betty Jarmusch
Shaker Heights

Old, stale crap: Regarding Pete Kotz's article on Dennis Kucinich in the February 7 issue of Scene: Was this ghostwritten by Chris Maag [First Punch, February 14]?

Regardless of who wrote it, this crap is really getting old, stale, boring, and not at all funny. We get enough of this nonsense from The Plain Dealer. Why can't you listen to what he's got to say before you start making fun of him?

David G. Currie

The politician and the potty break: Last Monday, The Washington Post noted that at the Democratic National Committee Retreat last weekend, when Kucinich got up to speak, practically everyone in the room went to the bathroom for a break.

I guess the Dems are finally waking up to what we in his district already know: He's got nothing of interest or value to say because he does nothing of interest or value for his constituents -- only for himself. It's a most insightful statement when the Democratic Party equates one of its own with a toilet. Seems like they want to just flush him away.

Max Weitz

Giving a Horse's Ass
Howey loves those deviants:
Don't you find it boringly predictable (or should I have written "pre-dick-able?") that Christine Howey will compliment any theater piece involving sexual deviance ["Mane Attraction," February 7] and trash most others? I do. In fact, next time I pick up Scene, it will be to make sure my plates don't break if I'm packing them up.

T.J. Placid

From the horse's mouth: Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment on my stage debut in Equus. I am without words to express how it feels to be honored with special recognition -- especially alongside such a truly great cast and crew. I appreciate it more than you know.

Franklyn Singley ("Nugget")

More on Dimora
Hannity here he comes: Scorned sycophant or aspiring writer for the Fox News Network? Whatever Mr. Klaus' motivation was for writing this tirade of baseless "facts," juvenile personal attacks, and innuendo ["King Cuyahoga," January 31], it hardly passes as a news story. I expect better from Scene. Maybe this publication will go back to stories of substance once Mr. Klaus has left for his dream job of writing for Hannity or O'Reilly.

Jenny Girman
Richmond Heights

Old school's in session: I sense a little jealousy concerning King Jimmy. He fell in shit and made it to the top. You landed in a shit job and still remain there, and this is coming from a Republican.

He is playing the political game, as do all politicians. He is old school, something you know nothing about. This is America, the land of opportunity -- if you can't make it here, it's your own fault.

I started with nothing. Now I own a number of businesses and am doing just fine. I happen to like Jimmy, maybe because we come from that same old school and he's also another successful Italian -- something else you may also frown upon.

Jim Giganti

Crying Rape
It's good to bust a myth or two:
In response to the article by Denise Grollmus ["They Raped Me," January 24]: Within this sensationalized piece you equated proof of innocence with lack of DNA evidence and physical injury. This equation is false and perpetuates the myth that there must be physical injury and DNA evidence in order for a rape to have truly occurred.

Multiple studies tell us that most rape victims do not sustain any type of physical injury, particularly not serious injury. One study from the U.S. Department of Justice tells us that only 39 percent of rape victims reported sustaining physical injury and 5 percent sustained serious injury.

There are a host of reasons for this, including victims being too afraid to fight back, being unable to resist due to intoxication or unconsciousness, and the anatomy of a woman's body. Whether or not DNA is present depends on the type of assault and whether or not the offender used a condom. And even when there is DNA evidence, a common strategy of the defense is that of claiming consent.

Rape is a grossly underreported crime. We must speak out against the many rape myths, such as those articulated in this article, that keep victims from coming forward and offenders out on the streets.

Lindsay Fello Sharpe
Director of Public Policy and Advocacy
Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

Romance novel, it ain't: I find this article particularly disturbing and disgusting. I realize that sex sells and that keeping the attention of the reader is a priority, but your approach is repulsive. A rape story should not read like a Harlequin novel.

Perhaps you should consider another career path if the only way you can capture the reader's attention is filth such as this.

Andrea Benson

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